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Vaivaisukko – Our entry to the Guggenheim Helsinki competition

Here is our entry to the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition. We propose a Vaivaisukko, a money collecting statue, to be built on the competition site. The idea is to collect the funds needed for a new museum entirely from individual supporters and to make the process enjoyable. The name Vaivaisukko comes from a historical tradition where a wooden poor man statue, vaivaisukko in Finnish, was placed outside a church to collect money for the poor. Our Vaivaisukko combines the historical money collector and the modern day crowd funding into an artwork of its own. In our scheme, a new Vaivaisukko will be built periodically. There will be an international competition every year to select the new project to be built. Artists and designers around the world can submit their designs for the Vaivaisukko. In the first year, the budget for the competition will come from a Vaivaisukko Kickstarter project. Later […]

The Next Helsinki

The Next Helsinki competition has been launched. The competition challenges the controversial Guggenheim Helsinki project and calls for new ideas to develop the South Harbor area in Helsinki.

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“Käännös” won the Helsinki Central Library Competition

The results of the Helsinki Central Library Competition were announced today: The winner is entry “Käännös” by ALA Architects. This elegantly beautiful entry was also our favorite, we’re very glad it won! The construction is set to start in 2015 and the library should be ready in 2017, just in time to celebrate 100 years of independent Finland. The library has been selected to be a 100th anniversary jubilee project so the Finnish state will provide significant funding for it. All images courtesy of Helsinki Central Library