About Mieluisa

Mieluisa is an urban collective that promotes active citizenship and participation in urban culture. Mieluisa offers flexible platforms for open discussion between city planners, developers and people living in the cities. Mieluisa also carries out art projects, both in galleries and on the streets. Mieluisa wants to make living in the city fun and appealing.

What can we do for you?

Urban ideas – just give us a call and we will organize a participatory urban planning clinic. We are experienced in participatory methods and planning. We familiarize ourselves with the area in need of new drive, collect ideas from residents of the area, turn the ideas into appealing visual presentations, and are happy to walk along all the way to the implementation of the ideas!

Art projects – we are interested in filling in empty spots with inspiring ideas. When we make bypassers smile, we consider our project a success. In addition to the street art projects, we create paintings and installations, take photographs, write, and, if paid, also dance and sing.

Steady members:

Juho Manka is an architect (MSc) who has worked with urban planning and building design projects as well as art projects in various scales. Juho is interested in the importance of small, uplifting things in our everyday environment.

Marjut Manka (MA) has graduated from speech communication and works at the moment at the university of Tampere as a researcher and as a workplace consultant. Marjut is also a student of counselling and a becoming elementary school teacher. Marjut is interested in participatory methods, the concept of good life, advancing interaction between people and promoting the fun in the city life.


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