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Brickstarter the book is out now!

Brickstarter the book by Bryan Boyer and Dan Hill is out now. Brickstarter was the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra’s project that collected and analyzed information about 21st century social services. Brickstarter also wanted to provide a platform for citizens to suggest and build possibilities into proposals and further into projects. The book gathers the project data, analysis and reflection into a coherent and well written package. Our project Mieluisa Tampere is also mentioned as an example project. “Brickstarter the book contains 80 dense pages filled with the research presented here, refined and reformatted, as well as entirely new essays and illustrations. This book is a primer for people working on problems at the intersection of crowdfunding/sourcing, social media, urban planning and decision-making. So in other words, it’s about contemporary cities and how we might create new platforms to enable more effective debate about the future of our shared spaces.” – The […]