Welcome Tampere – Mieluisa Tampere

Interactive urban design project, 2011-2013
Location: Tampere, Finland
Sponsors: National Council for Architecture, Tampere Architecture Week, Creative Tampere, City of Tampere
Content: Ideas about the future of the city of Tampere
Ideas: Proactive urban planning, citizens in charge. What would the city be like if you got to choose?

During the project we had several exhibitions and seminars. We also created an interactive internet-platform for open discussion about urban topics. And we also created a couple urban installations to encourage people to take initiative in urban development.

Project was featured in Finnish press: Aamulehti, Tamperelainen, Tori and Raitio magazine. The project was also featured in Meinattiin Tehrä, a book by Jari Niemelä.
Project received Urban Act of The Year 2011 in Tampere award from the Finnish Newspapers Association

Mieluisa Tampere ideas as A1 boards as PDF for download (in Finnish, 35 MB).

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