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Mo power!

Mieluisa joined the ranks of Mo people. Join us at because the Mo Sister wants to see mo mo mo! Mustache have the power!


“We’re stealing the future, selling it today and calling it GDP”  –Paul Hawken


Allas gets approval

Helsinki harbor bath project Allas just got approval by Helsinki Municipality. Now the aim is to open up the harbor bath and the accompanying mixed use spaces at Katajanokka on the May 1st 2014. There will be four pools. The pools for fitness swimming, leisure swimming and for children will have heated and filtered water. There is a sea-water pool for diving and a climbing wall from where you will fall to the sea water. There are many saunas that are heated with wood. There’s also a beach volley court, a sand beach, and different spa services. And that’s only a part of the planned features. The site will have action all year round, different functions in different seasons. Korjaamo will present and discuss the project in an open seminar at Korjaamo on Helsinki Day the 12th of June, starting at 18:00. Everyone is invited to join the discussion and […]