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Vaivaisukko – Our entry to the Guggenheim Helsinki competition

Here is our entry to the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition. We propose a Vaivaisukko, a money collecting statue, to be built on the competition site. The idea is to collect the funds needed for a new museum entirely from individual supporters and to make the process enjoyable. The name Vaivaisukko comes from a historical tradition where a wooden poor man statue, vaivaisukko in Finnish, was placed outside a church to collect money for the poor. Our Vaivaisukko combines the historical money collector and the modern day crowd funding into an artwork of its own. In our scheme, a new Vaivaisukko will be built periodically. There will be an international competition every year to select the new project to be built. Artists and designers around the world can submit their designs for the Vaivaisukko. In the first year, the budget for the competition will come from a Vaivaisukko Kickstarter project. Later […]

The Next Helsinki

The Next Helsinki competition has been launched. The competition challenges the controversial Guggenheim Helsinki project and calls for new ideas to develop the South Harbor area in Helsinki.


Jätkäsaari mini meadow

A nice urban mini meadow has sprung up at the entrance to Jätkäsaari district in Helsinki. There is surprisingly rich flora growing in the barren soil between the sidewalk and a bike path. It’s really nice to see at least a glimpse of wild nature in the concrete jungle of Jätkäsaari. Hopefully the city will let the mini meadow flourish.


New neighborhoods of Helsinki, Part II – Jätkäsaari

We visited Jätkäsaari to see how the recently vacated cargo port of Helsinki turns into a neighborhood for 17 000 residents and 6 000 jobs. The construction will go on until 2025, but already Jätkäsaari was well on the way.


New neighborhoods of Helsinki, Part I – Kalasatama

We made a quick visit to Kalasatama to see how the construction of a new Helsinki neighborhood is coming along. Under construction until 2030, Kalasatama will eventually be home to approximately 20 000 residents and some 8 000 workspaces. Today only a relatively small cluster of apartment buildings was ready but the trip was really interesting nevertheless.


Jätkäsaari Blues

Living amidst a huge construction site can be painful. Mieluisa collected some complaint rants about living in Jätkäsaari, a new district of Helsinki that will be under construction for years to come. “The sidewalks and pedestrian crossings are not in use, how am I supposed to get home? The street is a puddle of dirt and holes! Why is there no green space?” and so on. The rants evolved into a humorous collection of poems (in Finnish) called Jätkäsaari Blues. How do you like your neighborhood?